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Apple sued for alleged defects in the Apple Watch screen

Another day, another lawsuit. As reported by Patently Apple, a six-count, class action lawsuit has been filed against Apple for an alleged Apple Watch defect that cause the display to malfunction.

Kenneth Sciacca of Colorado is suing the tech giant for $5 million, claiming the company refuses to acknowledge a common complaint about every edition of the Apple Watch. According to the plaintiff “the Watches all contain the same defect and/or flaw, which causes the screens on the Watches to crack, shatter, or detach from the body of the Watch (the “Defect”), through no fault of the wearer, oftentimes only days or weeks after purchase.”

I find the claim hard to believe. I’ve owned Apple Watches Series one through three. I’ve worn ‘em playing ball, running, playing with my nieces and nephews, and never had a problem. And neither have the many folks I know who have one of Apple’s smartwatches.

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Dennis Sellers
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