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Apple still sends mixed messages about iPads, Mac laptops

Sure, it’s just a PR thing, but Apple is still sending mixed messages about the iPad (specially the new iPad Pro) and its Mac laptop.

For example, the company says that with the 2020 iPad Pro “your next computer is not a computer.” Apple points out that the new tablet is “more powerful than most Windows PCs laptop.” And it will soon come with increased trackpad/cursor support.

What’s more, the new Apple tablet comes with Wi-Fi 6 support. That’s something that recent Mac laptop updates such as the 16-inch MacBook Pro and just-announced MacBook Air lack. Macs also lack built-in cellular capabilities, something that’s an option on iPads.

So that makes the new iPad Pro the perfect portable, right? Well, when it comes to the new MacBook Air, Apple says “with all-day battery life, our most popular Mac is your perfectly portable, do-it-all notebook.” Among other features, you can add up to 2TB of storage, twice that available for the iPad Pro.

Confusing? A bit. My personal opinion is that for a lot of folks the iPad is the best choice as a portable computer. But if you do a lot of content creation, switch between a lot of apps, etc., the Mac is the best choice. And macOS is still the best operating system around.

Dennis Sellers
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