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Apple ships 3.8 million Apple Watches in the first quarter

Apple shipped 3.8 million Apple Watches in the first quarter of 2018, according to new data from Canalys. Sales of the smartwatch stabilized after a record quarter for the company and it matched its quarter one 2017 number, adds the research group. 

“Key to Apple’s success with its latest Apple Watch Series 3 is the number of LTE-enabled watches it has been able to push into the hands of consumers,” says Canalys Senior Analyst Jason Low. “Operators welcome the additional revenue from device sales and the added subscription revenue for data on the Apple Watch, and the list of operators that sell the LTE Apple Watch worldwide is increasing each month.” 

Apple represents 59% of the total cellular-enabled smartwatch market. Low says that, while the Apple ecosystem has a strong LTE watch offering, the lack of a similar product in the Android ecosystem is glaring. Garmin is now the second largest smartwatch vendor after Apple, with one million smartwatches shipped in the last quarter.

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