Apple reportedly considering selling podcast ads on original shows

Apple has shared the most popular podcasts of 2023, with year-end charts localized for listeners in nearly 100 countries and regions.

Since Apple isn’t make enough money, it’s considering selling podcast ads on original shows.

The tech giant hasn’t sold ads on the podcasts it produces, but that might be changing. People familiar with the company’s plans told Ashley Carman of Bloomberg that Apple is contemplating selling ads on shows it owns and operates, including those greenlit through the Apple TV team (such as limited series like “The Line,” “Hooked,” and “Run, Bambi, Run.”)

“The company already dipped into ad sales on an Apple-branded podcast in July when it announced that State Farm would sponsor the second season of its Apple News show “After the Whistle”,” she writes.So, someone at the company knows how to sell podcast ads and could, in theory, expand that work. But so far, the higher profile, narrative programming has remained ad-free.”

Carman points out that selling podcast ads offers a potential problem: Apple routinely speaks about the importance of protecting user privacy, and podcast advertising often targets users based on their IP address.

Apple already collects revenue through its subscription creator content business where it takes a cut off the top. The tech giant is also expanding member content by connecting App Store subscriptions to the Podcasts app in iOS 17.

Dennis Sellers
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