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Apple reportedly buys InVisage (or at least lures away some of their employees)

Apple has acquired or at least hired some talent away from InVisage, a developer of QuantumFilm camera sensors, according to Image Sensors World (as noted by, citing two unnamed sources.

The article claims the deal was finalized in July. However,  Image Sensors World  hedges its bets by noting that it’s possible Apple hired some of the company’s employees rather than buying it outright.

QuantumFilm is an imaging and sensing technology. InVisage’s products capture high fidelity, high-resolution images for a variety of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including smartphones, laptops, and drones.

QuantumFilm Technology involves, among other things, the creation of a film to coat the image sensors used in a cellphone camera, allowing it to capture more light, improving the quality of the images taken. It places a layer of semiconducting crystals – called quantum dots – on top of a smartphone’s chip, which allows the chip to absorb more light, place more pixels in a smaller space, and create sharper images.

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