Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Apple patent is for ‘collision warnings provided by stationary vehicles’

Let the Apple Car rumors roll on. Apple has been granted a patent (number 10,424,204) for “collision warnings provided by stationary vehicles.”

Here’s the summary of the invention: “Stationary vehicles may monitor the external environment of the vehicle for moving objects. If a possible collision with a moving object is detected, a collision avoidance action may be selected. The vehicle may be directed to perform the collision avoidance mechanism, which may include visual warnings, auditory warnings, vehicle-to-vehicle warning communications, or automated movement of the stationary vehicle to avoid the collision. A wakeup mechanism may be implemented to reduce power consumption of automated collision warnings by initiating monitoring for possible collision events automatically when a possible collision is likely.”

In the patent info, Apple says that the rise of interest in automated control and navigation of vehicles has led to the inclusion of different types of remote sensing equipment installed on vehicles. These sensors can include one or more radars, ultrasonic sensors, light beam scanning devices, visible light camera devices, infrared camera devices, near-infrared camera devices, depth camera devices which can include one or more light-scanning devices, including LIDAR devices, etc. 

Automated navigation and control systems may process data collected by the sensors in order to detect and characterize objects in the environment. However, the collected sensor data may also be utilized to provide other services. One of those services could be the ability to detect possible collision events when the vehicle is stationary, parked, or otherwise unattended. 

If a possible collision event is detected, then an action may be selected to avoid the possible collision, such as a visual or auditory warning, a warning message communicated to another vehicle, or automated movement of the vehicle. Sensor data collection and evaluation may be triggered by a wakeup event that is detected for automated collision avoidance. 

Speculation continues to rage that Apple will enter the automotive market with an “Apple Car.” Maybe so, but I think that the tech giant will instead partner with a current auto maker rather than build its own vehicle from scratch. 

Or what if, instead, Apple invested in a company such as Zaptera — which has a three-wheel, two-passenger prototype that aims for 300 miles per gallon — to truly shake up the auto industry? 

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