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Apple patent filing hints at a Mac laptop with a touchscreen

Apple has repeatedly said that touchscreens weren’t coming to the Mac. But that isn’t stopping the company from experimenting with such devices in its secret laboratories. The company has filed for a patent (number 20190064877) for a “portable computer unified top case.”

And part of that case would include a touchscreen. The patent summary says the top of the case would be made from a single part and provide an enclosure, frame and cosmetic exterior of the portable computer. The integral top case also serves as the primary structure of the portable computer. 

The assembly may include a variety of subassemblies such as keyboards, touchpads, circuit boards, and drives that are carried by the underside of the integral top case. The integral top case may be formed from aluminum slab that has been machined to form walls, openings, attachment areas and cosmetic areas of the top case.

iShoes, anyone? Apple did make a (one-off) pair of sneakers back in the ‘90s