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Apple Park drone videographer: “Don’t fly your drones over The Park, it’s frowned upon!”

Since construction started on Apple Park years ago, we’ve been watching and posting beautiful aerial imagery from Duncan Sinfield and Matthew Roberts. Today, Sinfield posted the video seen below on his YouTube channel along with a note that indicates that Apple might be using anti-drone technology and that it’s “only a matter of time until the campus becomes shut-off to drones completely.”

In his note, Sinfield says that Apple security usually shows up at his takeoff point “in 10 minutes or less.” That indicates that the company could be using tech from Dedrone or a similar firm to detect when drones are flying over the campus, then pinpointing the location of the pilot with that same technology. Sinfield says that:

This is an extended length video, it’s only a matter of time until the campus becomes shut-off to drones completely… with a geo-fence, or something similar. Security at Apple Park generally responds in two white Prius’s to my precise take-off locations in 10 minutes or less. While this is speculation, my instincts tell me that Apple is tracking all drones in the vicinity of the campus with sophisticated radio frequency technology from companies such as DeDrone (a San Francisco-based aerospace security company). As always, I respect all requests by Apple Security to land my drone and leave the area when asked to do so. They are always asking if I’m an Apple employee too. So to all of the Apple Employees watching (and reading), don’t fly your drones over The Park, it’s frowned upon!

Last week, we heard how Apple circulated an internal memo talking about the dire consequences of leaking secrets to outsiders, with a dozen employees apparently arrested for doing so. Now the company appears to be getting increasingly vigilant to eyes in the sky.

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