Apple owners are biggest recyclers (recycling 13.8% more devices than Samsung users)

SellCell, an U.S. phone and tech buyback site, has released a report showing  which Americans are best at recycling old tech by age, gender, and state. It found that Apple owners lead the way as the biggest recyclers, recycling 13.8% more devices than Samsung users.

Apple devices account for over 47.7% of all recycled tech, with Samsung devices trailing behind at 33.9%. This means Americans with old iPhones, iPads, Macs, and even AirPods, are recycling their old Apple tech. This 50% will largely be driven by environmentally friendly Apple users who sell iPhones ahead of a new iPhone launch, according to SellCell.

Other key points of the SellCell report:

° Millennials recycle the most old tech, accounting for 55.5% of Americans who recycle (trade-in) their old or unwanted devices.

° Males sell more old tech than females, despite females being statistically more predisposed to pro-environmental attitudes.

° California is significantly more active in recycling old tech. Californians account for an average of 20.5% of all devices recycled, which is over one fifth of devices recycled across the entire U.S.

° Millennials lead the way by a longshot in recycling their tech, making up over 50% of US tech recyclers.

° Of all the tech devices recycled through SellCell, those born between 1981-1996 clearly recycle the highest number. This age group accounts for 55.5% of all tech devices sold via the SellCell website.

° Men are the forerunners when it comes to the gender of SellCell recyclers, making up almost two-thirds of recyclers.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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