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Apple owes WiLAN $109 million — and maybe more

The latest ruling in the ongoing Apple versus WiLAN legal battle sees Apple subject to a judgement including interest of US$109 million — “and it may still increase further,” notes AppleInsider.

The United States District Court for the Southern District of California has on the final WiLAN versus Apple motions, and has entered the final judgement. A January award of $85.2 million is upheld, and an additional $23.8 million in pre-judgement interest was applied at the same time. Also, aditional royalties will be due for products that Apple released during the litigation process. Amounts due for those will have to be accounted for separately.

The lawsuits concern Apple’s alleged use of WiLAN’s 4G and LTE technologies found in most of Apple’s products. WiLan was established in 1992 to develop and commercialize technology that made low-cost, high-speed wireless networking a reality. 

In August 2018, a federal jury in California awarded Canadian patent licensing company WiLan $145.1 million in damages against Apple for patent infringement. However, in January 2019 this was slashed to $10 million by a California jury. Now, obviously, that figure has been increased again.

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