Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Apple no longer providing standalone installers for macOS updates

As of macOS Big Sur 11.0.1, the tech giant is no longer providing standalone updates for the operating system as it has … well … since as long as I can remember.

Mr. Macintosh, a troubleshooting/problem solving site, tweets that, indeed, “manual downloadable delta and combo updates for Big Sur are no longer available.” Apparently, the only way to obtain them is to use the Software Update option in System Preferences.

The Eclectic Light Company — a site that covers Macs, macOS, and paintings —  offers several reasons why standalone installers are needed and says if you think there’s a need for individual downloads for Big Sur delta/combo updaters,” let Apple know. In the strongest possible terms, via Feedback, Apple Support and any other means available.

“Unless a strong case is made for the reinstatement of standalone installer versions of Big Sur updates, it’s most likely that none will be provided for download – as has already happened with the 11.0.1 and 11.1 updates,” The Ecletic Light Company says.

Dennis Sellers
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