Apple News Items You Should Check out: Aug. 25

Since I can’t cover everything, here are some recommended articles from some other sources.

Since I can’t cover everything, I like to offer a daily round-up of must-read articles from some other great websites. To wit:

° From MacRumors: Apple appears to be preparing for future devices with Bluetooth 5.2 support, according to a filing in the Bluetooth SIG products database earlier this month. Among other possibilities, this could serve as evidence of future AirPods Pro with LE Audio support.

° From 9to5Mac: Developers have been working on a tool to run macOS Ventura on unsupported Macs.

° From AppleInsider: Vietnam’s iPhone shipments for Apple significantly increased in the second quarter of 2022, because of shift in consumer sentiment towards high end phones, and an expansion of Apple retail.

° From iFixIt: Apple’s Self Service Repair program makes MacBooks seem less repairable.

° From iMore: Discover’s new Apple Pay promo gives you 5% back when you use Apple Pay.

° From MacVoices Live!: On the new episode, the MacVoices Live! panel of Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Jim Rea, Jeff Gamet and special guests Web Bixby and Eric Bolden finish up this session with a surprising topic: Microsoft Teams!

Dennis Sellers
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