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Apple may be planning a ‘killer new’ health product

Take this one with a grain of salt as it’s so vague, but Apple may be planning to unveil a “killer new product” developed within its health laboratories, Taiwan’s Economic Times claims (as noted by AppleInsider). 

The new product will purportedly “accurately collect users’ personal daily life including heart rate, pulse, blood sugar changes and other information.” Economic Times claims that technical director Jay Blahnik and Apple’s health-focused development team have been working on the new product for more than two years. Blahnik, a globally recognized fitness expert and consultant in the development of several Nike fitness products, joined Apple in 2013.

Apple’s pressure sensing 3D Touch technology will reportedly play a crucial role in the new health product. Economic Times claims that the new product, along with health sensing capabilities in next year’s iPhone, could “set off a new whirlwind” within the technology industry.

As noted by AppleInsider, before he died, Apple cofounder Steve Jobs challenged his company to fix what he viewed as a disjointed healthcare system. Jobs believed technology could solve a gap between patients and healthcare professionals.

My take on the rumor: honestly, I have none as the report/rumor is so vague.

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