Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Apple manufacturing partner Wiston looking to restart operations in its southern India plant

Apple manufacturing partner, Wistron, says it’s looking to restart operations at its factory in southern India which was shut late last year after workers went on a rampage at the site, according to Reuters.

Wistron was working hard to raise standards and fix issues at the plant in Karnataka’s Kolar district, the Taiwanese company said in a statement. In December 2020, the iPhone manufacturing plant at Naraspura, India came under attack rom its employees over salary payments (or, rather, lack thereof).

According to the Times of India, a majority of the nearly 2,000 employees, who were exiting the facility after completing their night-shift, went on a rampage destroying the company’s furniture, assembly units and even attempted to set fire to vehicles. 

The employee unrest was triggered by salary remittances made to them. Sources said the employees were angry that the company was not paying the amount that was promised to them at the time of joining.

That same month Apple said said it wouldn’t award the contract manufacturer new business until it addressed the way workers were treated at its southern India plant. Apple said Wistron had failed to implement proper working hour management processes, which “led to payment delays for some workers in October and November. Apparently, those issues have been addressed.

Dennis Sellers
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