Apple looks into making Apple Watch bands with detachable segments

Apple is considering making Apple Watch bands with detachable segments for easy resizing, per a newly granted patent (number 11,000,101) for “segmented attachment device.” The goal is to make it easier to resize a band for a variety of wrist sizes.

In the patent data, Apple notes that flexible bands or bracelets have been used to secure wristwatches to the person of a user for many years. These bands have made from a variety of materials including leather, cloth, metal, plastic and other suitable materials. From an aesthetic and durability point of view, metal wristbands have been very popular. 

However, Apple says that metal wristbands have had some drawbacks including difficulty in sizing the wristband to a particular user which often requires special tools or expertise “which may inconvenience a user.” What’s more, once sized, the band may need to be adjusted at a later time due to changes in the size of the wrist of the user or other factors. 

In such instances, resizing the wristband again often requires special tools or expertise and results in inconvenience to a user. Apple doesn’t want Apple Watch users who prefer a metal band to face such issues.

Here’s the summary of the patent: “A wrist band for attaching a portable electronic device to a user includes articulating segments which may be releasably connected so as to provide the user the capability of sizing the wristband by adding or removing links as desired. A clasp is also disclosed for securing the wristband to a user. A manufacturing device and method are disclosed for machining complex surfaces on the segments and clasp.”

Dennis Sellers
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