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Apple launches ‘Behind the Mac’ ad campaign

What the ….? Mac ads from Apple? Well, it’s about time. As noted by iMore, Apple is debuting a new campaign called “Behind the Mac.”

It highlights 12 consumers, creatives, and professionals who are using the Mac to make their mark on the world. They range from entrepreneurs to musicians, photographers to accessibility advocates.

According to iMore, the goal “is to both tell the modern story of the Mac through its current users and to show how that story remains firmly grounded in Apple’s original desire to democratize computing, empower individuals, and expand the potential of creativity and productivity for everyone.” You can view the current ads at Apple’s YouTube channel.

Behind the Mac includes a 1-minute spot that airs during the FIFA World Cup, as well as social and display ads. The campaign also gets its own dedicated webpage on

Apple’s last great Mac ad campaign was the acclaimed “Get a Mac” that ran from 2006 to 2009. (Let’s not mention the ill-fated Apple Genius ads that appeared briefly, then disappeared quickly, in 2012).

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