Apple introduces iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Keys for Apple ID, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud

Apple has introduced three advanced security features focused on protecting against threats to user data in the cloud. The tech giant says this represents the next step in its ongoing effort to provide users with even stronger ways to protect their data. 

With iMessage Contact Key Verification, users can verify they are communicating only with whom they intend. With Security Keys for Apple ID, users have the choice to require a physical security key to sign in to their Apple ID account. And with Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, which uses end-to-end encryption to provide Apple’s highest level of cloud data security, users have the choice to further protect important iCloud data, including iCloud Backup, Photos, Notes, and more, according to Apple.

You can find details on the new security features here.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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