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Apple has most employees who have delayed starting a family due to high living costs in the Bay Area

Apple has the highest percentage of employees who say they have delayed starting a family due to high cost of living (69.11%) while Oracle has the least (44.94%), according to a new survey by Blind’s Work Talk Blog, an “anonymous community app for the workplace.”

The San Francisco Bay Area, where many of the site’s users live and work, is currently the most expensive region in the U.S. Buying a home and raising a family here is completely out of reach for many residents. Even tech workers earning large salaries at Google or Apple are struggling to build roots in the area, notes Blind’s Work Talk Blog.

Company-specific results for this survey didn’t stray far from the overall average. The chart shows the final results for 14 tech companies that summed up with the most survey responses. The percentages listed for each company represent employees who delayed building a family. 

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