Apple granted yet another patent for an ‘Apple Glove’

Apple has been granted yet another patent (number ) for an “Apple Glove” (my name for it, not Apple’s). It’s one of a half dozen patents regarding such a wearable device. 

Dubbed “finger beam for generating haptic feedback” it would allow Macs equipped with the proper cameras and sensors to react to a user wearing Apple Gloves

About the patent

In the patent, Apple notes that portable electronic devices can incorporate a display to provide an immersive multimedia experience. However, the tech giant says that, despite advancements made to render objects in increasingly more accurate and realistic detail, portable electronic devices are still unable to provide an element of physical interaction with a user. 

Apple says there’s a need to enhance the user’s experience by utilizing a haptic feedback device to generate haptic feedback that corresponds to a user’s movements in order to provide an additional level of realism. Apparently, the tech giant thinks smart gloves is a possible solution.

Summary of the patent

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent: “According to some embodiments, a haptic feedback component is configured to generate haptic feedback in accordance with movement of a user. The haptic feedback component includes a frame having a size and shape for receiving an appendage of a user, a flexible beam member coupled to the frame, and a haptic feedback element that is coupled to the flexible beam member, wherein the haptic feedback element actuates in response to receiving an electrical signal so as to cause the flexible beam member to displace from an initial configuration to a modified configuration such as to direct the haptic feedback towards the appendage.”

FIG. 1 illustrates a perspective view of a system for generating haptic feedback.

Dennis Sellers
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