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Apple granted patent for lighting systems for cars

Let the Apple Car rumors continue to roll on. Apple has been granted a patent (number 10,222,529) for lighting systems for automobiles that may be integrated into a window, a skylight, an exterior light such as a headlight, a tail light, or a high center-mounted stop light.

They could also be integrated into the exterior or interior portions of a car. The light guide may be embedded in an adhesive layer in a vehicle structure. The light guide may be index-matched to the adhesive layer so that unilluminated portions of the light guide are indistinguishable from the vehicle structure. 

The light guide may be formed from optical fibers. The optical fibers may include a light-scattering optical fiber that scatters light out of the vehicle structure. The light-scattering optical fiber may be fused to a non-scattering optical fiber that guides light from a light source to the light-scattering optical fiber.

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