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Apple granted patent for ‘concealed user interfaces’ for a vehicle

Let the Apple Car rumors roll on. Apple has been granted a patent (number 10,656,777) for “concealed user interfaces” in a vehicle.

In the patent, the tech giant says that, in some situations, visible user interfaces may detract from the aesthetics of an object, may distract users, or may make users feel less comfortable. Naturally, that’s especially troublesome in a moving vehicle.

Apple’s idea is for vehicle seats that are dimmed (“concealed”) until activated by a touch, gestures, or a Siri command. Then it would activate and light up. The display itself could be OLED or LED. 

The user interface and screen could be used to control audio playback systems, video playback systems, climate control systems, and navigation systems. The concealed interfaces could be located in seats, side panels, even the floor of a car.

Dennis Sellers
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