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Apple gets an ‘A’ grade in the ‘2016 Semi-Annual Computer Reliability Report’

Apple gets an “A” in the 2016 Semi-Annual Computer Reliability Report from RESCUECOM, a computer repair company. That’s up from the A- the company received in the 2015 Q3 Computer Reliability Report. The grade also places Apple at the top of all computer maker lists if you exclude tablets.

Including tablets, Apple comes in third after three “A+” companies: Amazon, Verizon, and LG. Our favorite tech company had a “reliability score” of 723 compared to 189 in the 2015 Q3 report.

Reliability scores for other companies trailing Apple on the list are: Samsung (305), Microsoft (128), Lenovo (127), Acer (95), Asus (93), Dell (72), HP (48) and Toshiba. Grades for those companies are, respectively, A, B, B, C+, C+, C-, D, and D.

RESCUECOM calculates reliability scores by contrasting a manufacturer’s market share of computers and tablets to the number of tech support calls for those devices.

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