Apple, Epic Systems team up to bring the latter’s EHR tools to the Mac

Apple and medical record company are teaming up to bring the latter’s electronic health record (EHR) tools to the Mac, according to AXIOS (a subscription is required to read the entire article).

Apple purportedly wanted Epic to create a native version of the service for macOS, but the company is instead developing a tool that would easier to run than a native app.

“Epic does have development underway to make it easier for physicians to access Epic on Macs,” a source tells Axios.

Per its website, Epic Systems “develops software to help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier.” According to the company, hospitals that use its software held medical records of 78% of patients in the United States and over 3% of patients worldwide in 2022.

As noted by AppleInsider, Apple and Epic Systems seem to are compromising after a few years of disagreements. In 2020, Apple came out in support of proposed government policy that would allow patients more accessible access to their medical data, something the company has pioneered with its Apple Health app.

Epic opposed the rules, saying the regulations would be “overly burdensome” on America’s health system and “endanger patient privacy.”

Dennis Sellers
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