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Apple drops to third place in 2019 RESCUECOM Computer Liability Report

Samsung continues a streak of dominating all brands in the overall reliability of its computers on the market with Lenovo coming in second and Apple devices dropping in reliability among consumers in the 2019 RESCUECOM Computer Liability Report.

I find this a little hard to swallow, but Samsung’s steady increase “seems to be due largely to the company’s dedication to ensuring the reliability of its computers via rigorous testing before release,” according to RESCUECOM. Lenovo “simply makes desktops and laptops which, while not the cheapest, are known for being higher quality than their price tag would suggest,” adds the computer repair and tech support company

RESCUECOM says “the reliability of Apple computers continues to be good, but it dropped to fifth place because Samsung, Lenovo, and others got better.”

Among other companies Dell takes a dramatic fall in reliability amongst all brands. For the most part, Dell’s desktops are cheap because they use cheap parts. They are consistently prone to both hardware and software issues, according to RESCUECOM.

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