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Apple does well in first global Experience Brand Survey

Jack Morton, a “brand experience agency,” has launched its first global Experience Brand Index, a survey of 6,000 consumers across the U.S., United Kingdom and China. Apple did well.

The research, which covered 100 brands and 10 industries, asked consumers to rate varying brand experiences — comparing what a brand promises versus what it delivers. Around the globe, consumers report that brands set a low bar for the experiences they deliver and struggle to keep up with consumers’ expectations. In fact, over 52% of consumers report that brands fail to live up to the promises they make and one-third see overpromising as “just something that brands do.”

Globally, brands that scored high in delivering proof to their promises (through the experiences they create) boast 25% more loyalty and more than a 200% higher Net Promoter Score (NPS), indicating strong brand health. Showing that satisfaction with the actions and interactions of brands is a stronger indicator of business impact than brands’ marketing messages, according to the folks at Jack Morton.

The brand experiences included in the index cover the actions and interactions provided by brands: in-store and employee interactions, online shopping, web and mobile experiences, experiential and social content. The index ranked brands from 1-100.

Amazon, Netflix and Royal Caribbean rank as “experience leaders” (#1) across all experience touch points in the US, UK and China respectively and only four other brands consistently show up in the top 20 across touch points:  Sony, Apple, IBM and IKEA. However, even those that score high teeter on the edge of mediocrity with a B- grade (79). “Experience laggards”, brands at the bottom of the Index, receive a failing grade (on average: 53.6).

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