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Apple co-founder Mike Markkula selling his California ranch

Apple co-founder Mike Markkula is selling his California ranch for $37.5 million. He was Apple’s third employee and second CEO.

Business Insider notes that despite never becoming a household name like Steve Jobs, he was one of the longest-serving board members in the company’s history before he left in 1997. As an angel investor, he provided important early funding and managerial support during Apple’s early days.

For example, Markkula invested US$250,000 in the early days of the company, which gave him a one-third stake in Apple. He was introduced to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak when they were looking for funding to manufacture the Apple II personal computer they had developed, after having sold some units of the Apple I. With Markkula’s guidance and funding, Apple ceased to be a partnership and was incorporated as a company.

His property, Rana Creek Ranch (pictured), is a 14,000-acre working cattle ranch with a private lake, riding arena, two barns, and a 2,900-foot landing strip and helipad. Markkula and his wife bought the property for $8 million in 1982.

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