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Apple CEO Tim Cook, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver say the ‘Vision Pro will change everything’

With the NBA app on Apple Vision Pro, basketball fans can stream up to five games live or on demand simultaneously, and rearrange games within their space.

According to an article at The Hollywood Reporter, Apple CEO Tim Cook and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver say the Apple Vision Pro “will change everything.”

Well, at least everything in regards to viewing sports. Cook and Silver, in a joint interview with industry publication after a demo of the NBA app for the spatial computer, were effusive about the potential of the device to transform not just how people watch sports, but all entertainment content. 

With the NBA app on Apple Vision Pro, basketball fans can stream up to five broadcasts live or on demand with Multiview, keep an eye on real-time player and team stats, and glance at other games and scores.

“I’ve seen several demos of the output of different games, and it’s just mind blowing, it’s so much different,” Cook told The Hollywood Reporter about the potential of the device. “It’s hard to go back to the 2-D world after you’ve been in the 3-D world, you just don’t want to do it.” 

“I think what the marketplace is going to do now is cause other content creator organizations — not just the NBA — to look at the transformative nature of this and start investing,” Silver added, recalling a meeting with Cook years earlier in his office, where the tech executive urged the league to invest in its own direct-to-consumer operations. “There’s a strong incentive now for us to take this global content and find ways to distribute it around the world and create an even more engaging and immersive experience. So I think you’re going to see a lot of content creators saying, we need our own developers, we need our own engineers. We can’t just leave it to others, and that’ll raise the bar for everybody.” 

The Apple Vision Pro officially went on sale Friday, and demos at Apple Stores in the U.S. can be reserved on

To reserve a free Vision Pro demo online, go here. Then follow the steps to book an appointment at your local Apple Store. 

Pricing for the Vision Pro starts at US$3,499 with 256GB of storage. ZEISS Optical Inserts are available: $99 for reading lens and $149 for prescription lens. 

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