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Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses AR/VR on ‘ABC News’

Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed augmented reality/virtual reality technologies this morning during an ABC News interview. He said that, in his opinion, augmented reality (AR) is the larger of the two, “probably by far, because this gives the capability for both of us to sit and be very present talking to each other, but also have other things visually for both of us to see.”

“Virtual reality (VR) sort of encloses and immerses the person into an experience that can be really cool, but probably has a lower commercial interest over time, or less people would be interested in that,” Cook said. He added that Apple has a lot of consideration for virtual reality as it relates to gaming and education.

Apple has filed for several patents involving VR and AR. One patent involves augmented reality (AR) apps for iOS devices such as an iPhone and iPad — and which would seem handy if Apple ever made a version of Google Glasses. Another is for a a glasses-free, interactive device that can display holograms in 3D. A 3D Mac, perhaps?

Another patent filing indicates that Apple has considered a 3D imaging and display system that would work with Macsand iOS devices, and which would scan and display simultaneously. Yet another patent filing describes a device for “projecting a source image in a head-mounted display apparatus for a user” to deliver “an enhanced viewing experience.

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