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Apple apparently at least 18 months away from a second generation Vision Pro

Apple is reportedly hard at work planning the follow-up to the Apple Vision Pro, which could cost half as much as the current model.

Apple is apparently at least eight months away from a second generation Vision Pro, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his latest “Power On” newsletter. 

He reiterates reports that a lot of the spatial computer units are being returned. However, the Sellers Research Group (that’s me) doesn’t think the number is especially high as some reports claim (I’ll be addressing this in a future article).

Anyway, from Mark’s report, here are some of the reasons folks are returning the Vision Pro:

  • The device is simply too heavy, too cumbersome to manage, headache-inducing and uncomfortable.
  • The current lack of applications and video content doesn’t justify the price.
  • The work features don’t make people more productive than just using an normal external monitor with a Mac — and they’re difficult to use for long periods.
  • The displays have too much glare, the field of view is too narrow, and the device causes eyestrain and vision problems. 
  • The product can make users feel isolated from family and friends. Meaningful shared experiences don’t yet exist, and the Vision Pro can’t easily be passed around to others because of the need for a precise fit.

All these complaints are fair enough. However, I definitely find Apple’s latest device a keeper. As I said, I’ll be addressing this in an article within the next couple of days.

As for a Vision Pro 2, a second-generation high-end model and a lower-end headset will likely include these features:

  • The ability to show multiple Mac desktop screens when connected wirelessly to a Vision Pro (the first version only supports one desktop view at a time).
  • The ability for multiple Vision Pro users in a several-person FaceTime conference to use Personas (the realistic VR version of a wearer based on a face scan). The first version will only support one-to-one chats with Personas. 
  • Fitness+ and the ability to work out while wearing the headset with virtual fitness content.

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