Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Apple and folks behind Prepear app are discussing a legal settlement

Apple and the developers of the meal planner and grocery list app “Prepear” are nearing a settlement in the legal brouhaha regarding the latter’s logo, reports MacRumors.

In August Apple sued Super Healthy Kids, the company behind the app,accusing it of ripping off the Apple logo. According to the Prepear developers, Apple “has opposed the trademark application for our small business, Prepear, demanding that we change our obviously pear shaped logo, used to represent our brand in the recipe management and meal planning business.” 

In a petition on, Prepear went on to say, “before attacking us, Apple has opposed dozens of other trademark applications filed by small businesses with fruit related logos. Many of those logos were changed or abandoned. Most small businesses cannot afford the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to fight Apple.”

MacRumors says that, while Apple hasn’t dropped its opposition, it appears a resolution to the dispute may be coming fairly soon, as filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board last week have requested that the trial proceedings be suspended for 30 days as the “parties are actively engaged in negotiations for the settlement of this matter.”

Dennis Sellers
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