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Apple added three million new users in the last quarter to its overall user base

New data from Verto Analytics finds that Apple continued to grow its user base last quarter. CEO Hannu Verkasalo says the tech giant quietly added three million new users in the last quarter to its overall user base for Apple related web sites, online services, apps, in the U.S. 

Some of Apple’s services can be easily used also on Windows devices, or Android smartphones, even though a bulk of Apple related usage is driven by its own devices and proprietary operating systems. In December 2016, Apple had 114.8 million users in the US, and grew to 117.1 million users in March, according to Verto Analytics. In total, users spent an average of 7 hours and 51 minutes in March interacting with Apple related digital services and content.

 “Apple’s services business also experienced a bump. In March, Apple’s App Store had 88.1 million users – a three million user increased from December’s 85.3 million total users,” says Verkasalo. “In March, users spent an average of 27.8 minutes on the Apple App store overall. The continued success of iOS devices is keeping App Store up in the ranks. And as apps dominate the time spent on smartphones, this storefront – and the control over that – remain as key strengths for Apple in today’s digital ecosystem.”

According to Verto Analytics:

  • Net reach (among all online universe) for Apple’s services and apps is 54.4% (117.8 million users). This is an increase from 114.8 million users last quarter.
  • Mobile reach (among mobile users) for Apple’s mobile sites and apps is 28.9% (61.4 million users).
  • Apple’s apps and sites, all together, reach a stickiness index is 51.9% – more than half of all monthly users of Apple’s services, are using Apple services also on a daily basis – various iOS integrated apps explain this high stickiness (stickiness compares daily users to monthly users to quantify the most engaged user)
  • Apple’s App Store continues to grow – with 88.1 million users spending 27.8 minutes on it on average.
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