Apple acquires AI Music that specializes in ‘customized, dynamic’ adaptive music

Apple has scooped up AI Music, a London-based startup that uses artificial intelligence to generate personalized soundtracks and create “customized, dynamic” adaptive music, reports Bloomberg

The company’s archived website says it offers “Royalty Free adaptive music solutions for innovative sonic adventurers that care about how they sound.” The website says its solution can be used in these scenarios:

° Advertising and Media: “AI Music’s adaptive music technology can be used to create on demand music sound beds to generate audio visual creative at a scale and speed otherwise not possible.” 

° Social Apps & Video: “Give users the opportunity to find, edit and play with music, safely all in app. AI Music delivers a risk free experience for users to find music that powers their expression.”

° Gaming, Apps & Digital. “Dynamically create remixes or music that adapts to user interaction. Soundtrack in app or game activity with adaptive music that creates hugely engaging experiences.”

° Fitness & Wellness: “Improve performance and increase monthly user engagement with music that fosters peak performance. Our APIs give you full control with a wide selection of music choices specifically made for fitness.”

No word on what Apple paid for the company.

Dennis Sellers
the authorDennis Sellers
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