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App Review Guidelines: The Comic Book

Apple developers often find that writing and testing an app is easier than actually getting the app approved by Apple. The company has a set of strict App Review Guidelines that are incredibly difficult to read through. So yesterday at the end of the Apple Design Award ceremony, the company announced that it’s made the App Review Guidelines a lot easier to digest by turning them into a comic book (link to the Apple App Review page).

Apple and Madefire — the developers of a comic book reader app for iOS and Apple TV — got together to create the comic book. Madefire created a story line that focuses on the guidelines in five specific sections — safety, performance, business, design and legal — and has characters that represent each part of the story.

The artwork was created by a team including Mark Simmons, Ile Wolf, Luján Fernández, Shari Chankhamma, Ben Jelter, Malcom Johnson, and Dailen Ogden. 

Apple really seems to be making a push at getting younger developers into the fold, with a nine year old developer in attendance at WWDC 2016. A comic book version of what is usually extremely dry reading not only reaches out to the younger developers, but should make life easier for all developers. 

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