App in the Air is a new iOS 16 widget for avid travelers

App In The Air is a new widget for avid travelers that allows its users to make the most of the customizable lock screen functionality and simplify their trips more than ever in iOS 16. 

A major feature of the operating system update is the ability to personalize iPhone lock screens with widgets, giving Apple users quick access to the key information from their favorite apps that are most important to them – such as the weather, calendar events and to-do lists – without unlocking the handset. 

App in the Air is a personal travel assistant for more than seven million travelers worldwide. With the launch of its iOS 16 widget, users will only need to glance at their lock screen to view the stages of their trip in real time – information such as boarding start and end times, security wait times, which gate to go to, take off times and flight durations, and the weather in their final destinations will now be immediately available without unlocking the phone and opening the app. 

The new widget also allows users to count down to their trip from their lock screens – the perfect way to build excitement for that next adventure. App in the Air app is free to download. A Premium version (with upgraded features that include real-time flight status, offline access, family notifications and automatic check-ins) costs US$29.99 for 12 months. A lifetime subscription is available for $49.99. 

Dennis Sellers
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