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Angry Birds Blast offers a blast for the holidays

The holidays are here and you might have a little extra time off from work or school. Maybe you are looking for something new to do on your iPhone. Just this past Thursday, Rovio, the studio behind the Angry Birds franchise introduced its latest title, Angry Birds Blast.

At the most basic level, Angry Birds Blast is a tile matching game based upon the characters from Angry Birds. The basic game play is simple. You are presented with a board that contains various colored balloons which have birds inside them. You then pop balloons to release the birds. The more balloons you pop at the same time gives you more powerful options. Seven balloons popped at once will give you a bomb that clears out an entire row, whereas nine balloons of the same color gives a laser gun to remove all balloons of one color.

Each level has a goal such as releasing 14 red birds, or seven blue birds and five orange, etc. If you meet the objective, you complete the level and are rewarded from one to three stars based on your score.

The game play is simple but challenging as you advance through the levels. The colors are rich and vibrant, and the sounds are quite enjoyable. Angry Birds Blast also takes advantage of the haptic engine in the iPhone 7/7 Plus adding feedback when you pop balloons, detonate bomb and take other actions within the game. The haptic feedback really adds a nice touch to the game.

Angry Birds Blast is available at the Apple App Store. You can play for free, but as with all recent Rovio titles, you can purchase power-ups from within the game.

Marty Edwards
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