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An Indiegogo campaign is underway for Expanse Speakers, an electrostatic speaker system

I’m always on the look-out for the latest and greatest computer speakers for use with my Mac. An Indiegogo campaign is underway for an intriguing product dubbed Expanse Speakers, an electrostatic speaker system. 

According to the folks at IC One Two, the company working on the speaker system, electrostatic systems have historically remained on the fringes of Hi-Fi for a range of reasons, but in large part because, while they offer superior sound quality over cone speakers, they’ve lacked the punch in loudness and haven’t been able to deliver equivalent dB levels. IC One Two claims Expanse Speakers overcome these limitations.Tooling is estimated to take 30-45 days, with production following over the next 60 days. IC One Two says it will begin shipping to backers for months after the campaign ends.

Expanse Speakers will come in two versions: small and large. Both can be mounted to a TV or monitor or can be free-standing. The main electrostatic speakers support a frequency range of between 250Hz and 20,000Hz while the active subwoofer delivers deep bass at the bottom end from 55Hz – 350Hz. IC One Two claims the speakers deliver virtually the entire spectrum of audio detectable by the human ear.

Expanse Speakers accepts input from corded connections, Bluetooth audio and built-in FM tuner. They boast two 100 watt built-in amplifiers.

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