An Apple Car could sport self-configuring seats, auto-adjusting steering wheel

Let the Apple Car rumors roll on. Such a vehicle may boast self-configuring seats and automatically adjusting steering wheels based on where an iPhone or Apple Watch wearing user is in the vehicle.

Apple has been granted a patent (number 10,899,363) for “automatic configuration of self-configurable environments.” In the patent data, Apple says an example of a self-configurable environment that some consumers might be familiar with is an automobile in which a consumer can adjust a car seat, power mirrors, and steering wheel, and associate the configuration with a button. 

In such automobiles two different drivers can each associate a particular configuration of the seat, mirrors, and steering wheel with one of the buttons and when they enter the car, they can press the button and the car will reconfigure itself according to the associated configuration. However, Apple says that such self-configurable environments are convenient, but not readily transportable. The tech giant says the tech in its patent solves this issue.

Here’s the summary of the invention: “A portable electronic device for repositioning adjustable fixtures in vehicles. The portable electronic device includes a communication module, a processor, and a memory that stores computer program instructions that cause the processor to receive a first configuration setting that is specific to the first vehicle, the first configuration setting describing a preferred position of a first adjustable fixture in the first vehicle, translate the first configuration setting into a second configuration setting that is specific to a second vehicle, and transmit, to the second vehicle using the communication module, the second configuration setting to the second vehicle for use in moving a second adjustable fixture in the second vehicle from an initial position to an adjusted position that is based on the preferred position.”

Speaking of the Apple Car rumors, Korea’s eDaily claims that Hyundai intends to transition the company’s “Apple Car” partnership to its Kia brand as part of an arrangement that could see production move to the U.S.

The report adds that Hyundai has decided it’s “not suitable” for the ‌Apple Car‌ business because of its will, to continue the Hyundai brand. Plus, the car maker purportedly doesn’t want to come an original equipment manufacturer for Apple vehicles.

On January 10, it was announced (rumored?) that Apple and Hyundai plan to sign a partnership deal on autonomous electric cars by March and start production around 2024 in the U.S.

On January 8, Korea IT News reported that Apple and Hyundai would team up to produce electric vehicles. Hyundai is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Seoul. Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 and, along with its 32.8% owned subsidiary, Kia Motors, and its 100% owned luxury subsidiary, Genesis Motor, and electric vehicle subsidiary, Ioniq.

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