Almost 1,000 new applications published daily on the Apple App Store

The Apple App Store continues to record a significant number of published apps per day driven by factors like changes in consumer behavior, according to  Burga. Additionally, the several app categories are recording dominance in the app marketplace, the company — which makes a variety of cases and accessories — added in a new study.

About the report

According to data presented by Burga, as of September 5, 2021, the average number of apps published on the Apple App Store per day is 988. The figure translates to 41 apps per hour, 6,916 per week, and 29,640 per month. As per estimates, an average of 355,680 apps are published on the App Store per year.

According to Burga’s study, in terms of categories of all apps on the App Store, games account for the top spot with 247,589 applications, followed by business at 183,658. Education occupies the third spot at 179,070. Utilities account for 160,415 apps, followed by Lifestyle at 147,440.

Other top app categories include food and drink (111,872), shopping (87,656), health and fitness (83,216), productivity (81,554), and entertainment (76,593).

Change in human behavior driving app publications

The report highlights some driving factors behind the significant number of published apps on the App Store. According to the research report:

° Amid the COVID pandemic, changing consumer behavior compelled developers to come up with the necessary apps to help people navigate the crisis. For instance, apps in delivery, education, games and entertainment recorded significant interest as they helped people maneuver the health crisis. At the same time, the publication correlates with the growing penetration of smartphones.”

° The number of published apps also follows the move by Apple to enhance quality on the App Store alongside solving some of the developer pain points. Recently, the company reviewed the controversial 30% commission fee that had resulted in controversy.

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