ADATA Technology launches LEGEND 970 SSD

ADATA Technology has launched its LEGEND 970 SSD.

ADATA Technology has launched its LEGEND 970 SSD, which can purportedly reach maximum sequential read/write speeds of 10,000/10,000MB per second. 

It boasts a double-layer aluminum alloy heatsink with built-in micro-fan and surface crystallization that forms a patented active air-cooling system. The surface crystallization is designed to improve thermal conductivity, reducing temperatures by 10% compared with fanless heatsinks.

The LEGEND 970 adopts a PCIe Gen5 x4 transmission interface, complies with the NVMe 2.0 standard, and has read/write performance of 10,000/10,000MB per second, according to the folks at ADATA. It is also backward compatible with PCIe 4.0 and 3.0 platforms. 

The LEGEND 970 is equipped with a SLC cache algorithm and DRAM Cache Buffer. Strictly selected 232-layer 3D flash memory allows the LEGEND 970 to be offered in large capacities of up to 2000GB and a variety of data protection and correction technologies are utilized to greatly increase Total Bytes Written (TBW) and durability to meet various high load requirements, according to the folks at ADATA. 

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