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ABI predicts big things for AI-equipped iPhones, Apple Vision Pro

Later today Apple will release its first sports film shot in Immersive Video format for the Vision Pro.

In its new whitepaper, 38 Transformative Technology Stats You Need to Know for 2024, global technology intelligence firm ABI Research predicts big things for AI-equipped iPhones and the Apple Vision Pro.

The research group says market penetration of on-device generative artificial intelligence (AI) is set to reach 100 million smartphone shipments in 2024, driven by the launch of chipsets from Qualcomm and MediaTek, while Google has brought these features to its platform and Apple will likely follow with its own solutions in 2024. “This first wave of generative AI is designed mostly to support productivity applications, not just improved experiences. Democratization of on-device generative AI across smartphone tiers will be aided by a move to smaller, tiny generative AI models, which will boost market penetration to account for 90% of ship­ments by 2030,” explains ABI Research Director David McQueen.

This iPhone 16 Pro concept is by Yanko Design.

ABI Intelligence predicts that total AR and VR HMD shipments will surpass 69 million by 2028, as Apple Vision Pro spurs interest in VR and mixed reality. 

“Proven enterprise use cases, particularly in training and remote assistance using AR and VR devices, remain valuable. Consumer adoption, traditionally slow, has seen some progress in VR gaming,” says ABI Research Director Eric Abbruzzese. “Smart glasses are not yet ready for the mass market but are viable for enterprise use. Apple’s Vision Pro suggests a future possibility of a versatile XR device with spatial computing. Price is a concern, but ongoing updates and competition over the next 5 years promise affordability. With time in the market to nurture developer ecosystems and secure content partnerships, content scarcity should not be an issue.”

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