A temporary power outage in Sichuan may affect iPad assembly plants

First the date was late March, then April. Now Apple will debut the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models in “early May,” according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

Reuters reports that industrial users across 19 out of 21 cities in in China’s southwestern Sichuan province were ordered to suspend production from Aug. 15 until Aug. 20 to prioritize residential power supply, according to a notice issued on Sunday by the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Sichuan.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says this may affect iPad production. And new iPads and iPad Pros are expected to be unveiled in October.

From Kuo’s tweet: A temporary power outage in Sichuan may affect iPad assembly plants in Chengdu (Foxconn) and Chongqing (Compal). Although it’s difficult to assess impacts on production currently, impacts should be limited if the power outage can end on August 20.

In addition, flexible production scheduling by assemblers should also help lower the impact of power outages. However, need to pay attention to whether similar incidents will occur again in the next few months and affect Apple’s new product shipments during the peak season.

Dennis Sellers
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