A Look at INCIPIO’s Grip, AeroGrip Cases for the iPhone 14 Pro Max

While deciding on a case for my iPhone 14 Pro Max I received three cases to review from INCIPIO. At first glance, I was not overly impressed, but outside the box and on my phone, these cases are worth considering.

At incipio.com I was wowed by the selection of beautiful cases. Many of the cases are designer cases with a designer price tag. The cases I have in hand are Grip and AeroGrip. These cases are not bulky and should fit easily in a pocket.

The Grip case (pictured above) for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is available in four colors. I have the Black and Scarlet Red cases. Clear and Midnight Navy are the other two color choices.

True to the name, Grip will provide you with a good grip on your iPhone. My first impression when I removed the Grip case from the package was, “This is not a flexible case.” The case feels very stiff without the phone. When placed on the iPhone the case has a much better feel and it does provide grip. It fits nicely on my phone and is easy enough to remove, so if you like to change your case often and are not too concerned about impact resistance, this might be a good choice. The case is labeled as 14 ft. drop tested. The interior of the case has a honeycomb texture which may serve to decrease impact. The packaging also states that the case has Antimicrobial Defense.

I like the Aerogrip for MagSafe. Available in three frame colors, Aerogrip feels good in my hand, providing a good grip on the sides of my iPhone. Labeled as 16 ft. drop tested, the interior of the frame has a honeycomb pattern. There are three features that I really like about the Aerogrip. The back is clear, so I can see the beautiful Gold color of my iPhone. The back is also iridescent when held at an angle in certain lighting.

The real plus for the Aerogrip is the raised edges along the back frame. The edges of the frame match the raised edges on the bezel. Unlike many of the cases I’ve tried, the Aerogrip is fairly stable when placed face up on a flat surface. Almost no rocking. If you type or swipe the screen, the Aerogrip will not rock on a hard, flat surface.

Grip and Aerogrip are only two of the choices available from INCIPIO. Be sure to take a look at the many nice cases available from incipio.com.

Ruby Edwards
the authorRuby Edwards