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A bumper fall crop of Apple Campus 2 construction videos

The end of September is upon us, and that means that the drone pilots have been out cruising over Cupertino to show the progress at Apple Campus 2. The entire place is really coming together — solar panels cover 40% of the “ring” roof, there’s only a tiny gap that doesn’t have a roof covering yet, trees are starting to be planted, a lot fewer cranes are in action at the site, and so on. Maybe it’s just me, though, it looks like it still has at least 6 months to go before people are in that building…

Anyway, here are three videos that look at the construction. All three are shot in 4K, so if you have a machine capable of displaying the UHD video stream, be sure to go to full-screen and enjoy! First up, one by Matthew Roberts:

Next, Duncan Sinfield has an early morning (evening?) video showing lights on in the building, creating a glowing effect. Absolutely stunning:

And finally, one from Al Diaz with some beautiful sunset shots:

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