Best Photo Retouching Services of 2021

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Want to edit your photos professionally, quickly and at an affordable price? Then you need to find the best possible photo retouching service. They are of great help to seasoned professionals who want to save time and amateur photographers who want to achieve pro results faster. 

We analyzed the most popular companies, conducted research to verify their credibility, assessed the delivery time and skills. We’ve discovered that FixThePhoto is the best service for portrait photo retouching, WeEdit.Photos is best for editorial, studio retouching, Wedding-Retouching is best for wedding photo retouching. We also found out that RetouchUp and Clipping Panda can disappoint you.

Without further ado, here are our 5 Best Photo Retouching Services of 2021.

1. FixThePhoto Photo Retouching Services Photo Retouching Services

Fixthephoto is known all around the world as the #1 choice for seasoned photographers. They have collaborated with photographers from around 100 countries and have edited over 3 million photos in the last 15 years.

Services Provided:  real estate, portrait, nude, glamour, wedding, newborn retouching, photo restoration. 

Pricing: $2-25 per image. Very reasonable pricing.  The company offers prices for all levels of photographers that range from $0,05 – $100 per image. Portrait retouching costs only $5 per image.

Portfolio: Their samples are very impressive and easily accessible. They are also conveniently categorized.

Turnaround: 1-3 working days. The turnaround is super-fast, our test image was finished the following day. With their turnaround time, you can be sure to meet even the tightest deadlines.

Final Result: The specialists provided us with impeccable photo retouching. They fixed the flyaway hair, softened wrinkles in the under eye area, managed to even out the lighting on the woman’s face, as well as performed brilliant skin retouch. They preserved skin’s natural textures while still making it look flawless to achieve a refined and polished look.

We can confidently say, that Fixthephoto retouchers have impressive skills and an incredible eye for color. The woman in the test image looks much more youthful now.  

In addition, FixThePhoto provides various packages for pros and amateurs. The Premium Magazine Package  provides photographers with editorial-level photo retouching. At a fixed price of $180 it offers retouching of up to 6 photos and includes high-end hair retouch, background retouch, makeup correction, and more.

The High-End Retouching Package  includes beauty retouching, using the most effective techniques like dodge and burn, and frequency separation. This set is now 40% off, and $60 covers 6 corrected photos. 

Summing Up: The best company for the price and quality. The photo was edited so professionally and we could not have done this so fast on our own with this degree of quality and care. The company is an obvious choice for the top of our list of 5 best photo retouching services of 2021.

2. WeEdit.Photos

WeEdit.Photos Photo Retouching Services
WeEdit.Photos Photo Retouching Services

WeEdit.Photos has been on the market since 2003. The services they offer are aimed at professional portrait photographers and advertising companies.  

Services Provided: It has the widest range of services.  There are 12 services offered on their website. 

Pricing: In terms of pricing, the company is notably cost-effective.  It has simple and transparent plans for its potential customers: from $0.20 to $10 per photo.

Portfolio: They have a high-quality sample gallery that is conveniently divided by categories. 

Turnaround: The delivery time is very fast. We received the image within 2 days.

Final Result:  We were satisfied when we received the image back from WeEdit.Photos. The colors are vibrant and look natural.

The retouchers delicately improved the skin, removed shortcomings, and emphasized advantages. Their team knows about the latest trends and tendencies, and this is reflected in the quality of their work. If you want to achieve similar results by yourself, we recommend downloading free portrait Photoshop retouching actions.

Summing Up: Their retouching skills are on par with magazine retouchers. Highly recommended as one of the 5 best photo retouching services of 2021.

3. Wedding-Retouching

Our sample photo retouched by
Our sample photo retouched by

We were very pleased with Wedding-Retouching. They are known for their unrivaled wedding photo retouching since 2013. 

Services provided: photomontage, wedding retouching, family editing, color correction, portrait retouching, body retouch, B&W editing, post-processing

Pricing: Simple edit – $2, pro edit – $5, advanced edit – $10. The wedding bundles cost $99, and $159. 

Portfolio: The company has a high-quality sample gallery, that can be found under the “Gallery” tab. 

Turnaround: Our order was done fast – it was completed within 48 hours.

Final Result:  Their retouchers are experts at color correction and have an eye for getting the contrast and white balance just right. 

The retouchers managed to do their job well with our sample image, while still maintaining the natural look. They adjusted the skin without blurring its structure. Especially when zooming in, you can see that they retained the texture, so even when you look closely at it, it doesn’t look unnatural.

Summing Up: A company you can rely on. Fast delivery, expert photo retouching, natural color correction. Highly recommend.

4. RetouchUp

RetouchUp removed skin texture in our sample image
RetouchUp removed skin texture in our sample image

RetouchUp is advertised as a reliable choice for professional photographers. However, working with them was a complete letdown.

Services Provided: clipping path, photo restoration, photo retouching, color correction, digital oil painting

Pricing: $2.50-10 per picture. Reasonable pricing if you don’t take the quality of their work into account. However, we certainly wouldn’t pay this amount for the result they provided us with again.

Portfolio: There’s a sample gallery for every service type. However, the quality of the “After” results is below average.

Turnaround: 1 week. The delivery takes really long, especially comparing to the services above.

Final Result:  This service made a mistake that is often made by amateurs – removed the skin texture. The lack of details makes the skin look very unnatural and plastic now. The woman in the after photo doesn’t even look human anymore. 

Even if the rest of the photo had been edited perfectly, this factor would have ruined the entire impression. The hair wasn’t retouched as well.

Besides, their color correction is really bad too. The photo is way too bright; they should have lowered the brightness level. It’s obvious that the photo retouching of our image was rushed. We’d be embarrassed to show this result to clients.

Summing Up: Completely incompetent photo retouching from a service that claims to be professional. Terrible and unrealistic results. Address them at your own risk.

5. Clipping Panda

Clipping Panda's white balance is off, and the hair wasn't retouched
Clipping Panda’s white balance is off, and the hair wasn’t retouched

Clipping Panda is one of the most popular photo retouching services, that claims to offer competitive pricing, high-quality results, and a fast turnaround. However, all of those claims crumbled as soon as we contacted them. 

Services Provided: Clipping path, shadow creation, color correction, image masking, photo retouching, ghost mannequin

Pricing: $1.99-15.99. We were pleasantly surprised by their prices, but seeing the final result, we can see why this service is so affordable. You get what you pay for.

Portfolio: There are very few examples of each service, the photos are small and not zoomable. 

Turnaround: 1,5 weeks. Their turnaround time was longer than promised. The worst part about it is that no one gave us a heads-up about the delay.

Final Result:  We are beyond disappointed with the result. The color correction is simply horrific. White balance is way off. The picture is too blue, which makes it look very uninviting. The blue tint makes the skin look very unhealthy. The woman’s hair hasn’t been retouched at all, which is really distracting. 

There are tons of gaps in her hair that should have been filled and flyaway hairs that should have been removed. We don’t see any professional skin retouch, only minor skin flaws have been eliminated. The original looks way better. 

Summing Up: Very disappointed. Horrible photo retouching from a very popular service. It’s obvious that they don’t take their work seriously, and don’t value their clients. also offers free and paid LUTs for video editing.


Includes: portrait retouching, photo restoration, product retouching, and pop art.

Pricing: from $3 per image

Turnaround time: 48 hours

The professional retouchers from work with raw files, the background, shape correction, skin retouch, jewellery retouch, beauty, catalogue and lookbook retouch, everything from selfies to high-end fashion shots. They can keep to the style of glamorous magazines, paying attention to hair, teeth, make-up and skin imperfections, brightening colours, fading unnecessary objects or their shifting. The service is quite useful if you want to publish images in social media, magazines, online marketing campaigns, ads and newsletters.

If you prefer to save money on editing images for advertising campaigns, use Wholesale and History discounts starting from 3% for 5-10 or 2% for 21-40 images correspondingly. You will get the best-quality pictures with emphasis on colours and shapes. All the nuances are thoroughly taken into account so you can provide instructions or references for better results.

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