iPhone 14 Pro may support 30W fast charging

Apple Compact Dual Charger

There’s a little over a week left until Apple’s announcement of new iPhones, so rumors are flying on social media. The latest says that the iPhone 14 Pro models support 30W fast charging through an included GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger.

Supporting this rumor is the fact that a well-known charger manufacturer sent me a 30W GaN charger for review. Although some believed that the iPhone 14 Pro series would switch to USB-C for charging, this charger comes with a USB-C to Lightning cable. That would seem to indicate that the iPhone 14 series retains the Apple proprietary Lightning port.

The European Union recently mandated the USB-C standard for all smartphones, tablets and cameras sold beginning in 2024. With the mandate looming, it appears that the iPhone 14 series is the last to use the Lightning port.

30W fast charging provides some enticing advantages. Right now, an iPhone 12 or newer can be charged with a 20W adapter. 30W fast charging is faster, but generates more heat. GaN chargers offer a much sleeker profile than traditional charging bricks.

Apple is embracing GaN technology, having recently released a pair of USB-C Dual Chargers (see post image). These chargers easily power two devices at once; Apple recommends them for charging the new MacBook Air and an iPhone simultaneously.

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