Apple TV+ has the highest-rated content of any streaming service for second year in a row

For the second year running, Apple TV+ has been found to have the highest average IMDb score out of all streaming services, according to a study from Self Financial, which reviewed which platform offers the best content for your money. Key notes from their study:

  • AppleTV+ has the highest average IMDb score for its titles (7.08), but has fewer than 150 titles to choose from.
  • Apple TV+ has more 4K HDR content (121) than Paramount (69), Hulu (49), or HBO Max (23), and has the 2nd highest rated 4K content (7.31 IMDb) just behind Hulu (7.32). 
  • Apple’s streaming platform has the highest-rated child-friendly content (suitable for ages 7 and under) at 7.34/10, but only 38 titles. 
  • Apple TV+ has the highest-rated action (7.58), adventure (7.31), and war (7.55) content but less than 15 titles in each category. 
  • Apple TV+’s average rating for dramas was 3.9 in 2021, but 7.34 in 2022, the highest of any streaming service. 

With minimum monthly costs ranging from US$4.99 for Apple TV+, to $9.99 for Netflix, Self Financial wanted to find out what value viewers are truly getting when they subscribe to these services. 

The research analyzed how many TV shows and movies per dollar a viewer is receiving, which service has the best 4K offering, which provider is best per genre, and how this has changed from 2021-2022. 

Quantity on streaming platforms

In the analysis, Netflix came out on top with 6,475 items, with the nearest competitor, HBO Max, offering 3,503 movies and shows for the base subscription price. 

While Apple TV+ does not currently have a lot of content in its subscription fee, offering just 147 titles for the $4.99 monthly fee, it did have the highest overall quality out of any streaming service analyzed. 

The study found that Apple TV+ had an average IMDb audience rating score of 7.08/10, followed by HBO Max’s 6.88, and Peacock’s 6.76/10. 

To view the full findings of the study go here.

Dennis Sellers
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