MacX DVD Ripper Pro 11th Anniversary Savings

MacX DVD Ripper Pro 11th Anniversary Sale

Sometimes it seems as if time is passing by way too quickly. Eleven years ago I was writing for a major Apple blog — The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW – now part of Engadget) — and I remember writing about a new Mac app called MacX DVD Ripper Pro. That app is still around in a much improved version, the fastest and most compatible DVD backup and conversion app on the market.

From now until June 10, our readers have the opportunity to take advantage of an amazing 11th Anniversary Sale on MacX DVD Ripper Pro and other top apps from Digiarty. Read on to see how you can save on these apps. The faster you act, the more the savings!

MacX DVD Ripper Pro: The Best App for Backing Up DVDs
MacX DVD Ripper Pro: The Best App for Backing Up DVDs

MacX DVD Ripper Pro Lifetime License

“Ripping” is the process of backing up a DVD. People rip DVDs for a number of reasons; backing up cherished memories, making digital backups of favorite movies on DVDs that are damaged or worn out, and to have a digital version of a TV show or movie that can be played on any device.

That’s where MacX DVD Ripper Pro excels. While other DVD ripper apps can take up to 2X the length of a movie to finish the job, MacX DVD Ripper Pro uses Level-3 Hardware Acceleration to rip full DVDs in as little as five minutes. 

A Variety of File Formats

When you use MacX DVD Ripper Pro to digitize a DVD, it’s possible to save the DVD content with nearly perfect quality in a variety of file formats. It doesn’t matter what type of device you want to watch the digitized video on, the app is able to optimize its output for the best possible video and sound. 

Back Up Your DVDs with MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Have a spare hard drive or network attached storage (NAS) system? Back up all of your DVDs to digital storage and you can free up the space you used for all of those DVD boxes. There’s no longer a need to worry about scratching or otherwise damaging a DVD since there is no physical media. 

MacX DVD Ripper Pro works with all DVD formats. Whether you’ve just bought a DVD of your favorite movie, have one of the DVDs using the so-called 99-title copy protection, or have old and damaged DVDs, you’re able to back up your purchased content easily.

The MacX DVD Ripper Pro Lifetime License 

The lifetime license you can buy during the 11th Anniversary Sale provides you with free lifetime upgrades. If you purchase the app and decide that it’s not for you, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee.

Why You Need To Act Quickly!

Why did I mention earlier that you need to act quickly? Because the sale offers better savings to those buy early!

For the first 50 orders, the price of the app is only $19.95 — 70% off the usual price. After those orders are made, the price goes up to $29.95 for the next 150 orders. That’s still an amazing discount on the usual $67.95 price tag.

Miss out on those savings and you still have opportunities to save some money. The 201st through 400th orders are priced at $39.95, and when they’re gone, there will still be 200 orders available at $49.95.

This all goes away on June 10, so you need to act NOW. Click this link to take part in the MacX DVD 11th Anniversary Sale

Convert your favorite shows and movies to the best format for any device
Convert your favorite shows and movies to the best format for any device

Video Fans Love MacX Video Converter Pro

So, you’ve backed up DVDs to your Mac, but are those files in the best possible format for your mobile devices? MacX Video Converter Pro is another great app from Digiarty that you’ll want to hear about. 

4K UHD and HD (1080p and 720p) video files can take up a lot of space. With MacX Video Converter Pro, those files can be compressed up to 90% with absolutely no loss of quality. 

Download and Convert Video

You can use MacX Video Converter Pro as your source of video as well. Legally download and convert videos from over a thousand online sites for your viewing pleasure, and you’ll never run out of entertainment. 

Creating presentations or classes? Use the app to record screen video, then use the editing tools to cut, trim, crop and even merge videos. 

Read on for info about another great app, then see how much you’ll save if you take advantage of the 11th Anniversary Sale!

Transferring media between iPhone, iPad and Mac is a snap with MacX MediaTrans
Transferring media between iPhone, iPad and Mac is a snap with MacX MediaTrans

Savings On MacX MediaTrans Lifetime Licenses

MacX DVD Ripper Pro and MacX Video Converter Pro aren’t the only Mac apps on sale until June 10. You can get the same pricing on MacX MediaTrans lifetime licenses. 

MacX MediaTrans is the best way to backup and transfer data between your iPhone (or iPad) and Mac. Want to take some of those movies you backed up on your Mac and make them watchable on your favorite mobile device? MacX Media Trans automatically converts the movies into the best possible format, saving space while maintaining the original quality.

There’s more to MacX MediaTrans

The app is also useful for managing music playlists or those thousands of photos you’ve accumulated over the years. Want to create an iPhone ringtone from your favorite song? MacX Media Trans can do that. You can even use your iPhone to transfer files between computers with the app.

Save Big on MacX Video Converter Pro and MacX Media Trans

Usually selling for $59.95, the first 50 buyers get the app for $19.95 — a full 67% off the regular price. Buyers 51 through 200 still get a bargain at $29.95, buyers 201 through 400 get the goods for $39.95, and buyers 401 through 600 are snapping up the licenses for $49.95. 

Just remember to act as quickly as you can to get your deal, definitely before June 10, 2021. Remember, this deal includes free lifetime upgrades and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Get ‘Em All In The MacX Media Management Bundle

If you can’t make up your mind on which of the three apps to get, why not get them all — and more — for $49.95? The bundle is usually priced at $169.95, and you may never see pricing like this again. 

The MacX Media Management Bundle gives you MacX DVD Ripper Pro to rip and back up any DVD to the video format or device of your choice. It then adds MacX Video Converter Pro for converting file formats, editing video, and downloading video content. MacX MediaTrans is included as well to make transferring photos, videos, music and more between your iPhone and computer easy and fast. 

There’s one more app in the bundle: 5K Player. It’s the best Mac app for playing 4K or HD video or high quality music. With it, you can even download and stream video with east.

It All Ends June 10, 2021

Just remember — the earlier you order the individual apps, the better the pricing will be. Whatever you decide to do, the sale ends on June 10, 2021 so get your deal today!

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