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iOS apps to ensure kids’ online safety

By Jane Sandwood

One in three children in 30 countries say they had been a victim of online bullying, with one in five missing school due to cyberbullying and violence – as found in a poll published by UNICEF. 

What’s more, around 47% of children had received intimidating, threatening, or nasty messages online. Of course, cyberbullying is only one problem kids can encounter online; other risks to their wellbeing include inappropriate content, shared private information, and cyber predators. The statistics suggest that both schools and parents need to step in when it comes to fostering an awareness of safe Internet use. 

Because children often spend several hours a day on connected devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, it is also key to arm them with apps that can help boost their security. The following are a few of the best, which ar eavailable at Apple’s app stores:

Norton Deluxe 360 + Family Planner For Monitoring Internet Use

This app’s Parent Control system allows parents to supervise the way in which their children are using the Internet. It keeps an eye on apps that have been downloaded and videos that have been viewed, but also gives parents the tools they need to set limits and block content. 

Because Internet safety is ultimately an ongoing goal, the app provides children with “The Smart Talk,” an agreement made between parents and children covering areas such as selecting privacy settings together, sharing of passwords with parents exclusively, and being respectful online.

SafeToNet Against Grooming

The FBI reports that the overwhelming majority of sexual advances directed at children occur in online chatrooms or via instant messaging. Groomers can attack children without parents knowing, with many high profile cases involving games like Roblox and Minecraft. 

Parents need to be very clued in to their children’s online use to watch out for signs of online grooming such as being secretive about online activity, switching tabs when parents walk by, and using explicit language that is unexpected for their age. They can also download the app SafeToNet, which uses AI-powered cybersafety control tools to stop children from being exposed to the Internet’s dark side. The app scans for inappropriate imagery, blocks access to a phone’s camera if the phone is about to be used for sexting, analyzes words being typed onto devices, and more.

MinorMonitor To Keep Track Of Children’s Photos And Text

MinorMonitor is a free app that allows parents to identify possibly bullying, sexual language, solicitation, and swear words, amongst other things. They can view not only the photos their children have uploaded, but indeed, any image their child has been tagged in. They can also analyze friend networks, view wall posts and status updates, and read messages. As a whole, the app is a wonderful way for parents to take a proactive role in their children’s safety.

Net Nanny Content Filtering

If you have several children, an app like Net Nanny will enable you to stay on top of your game. The app provides you with a family account, which contains a Parent Dashboard. This can be used to set different levels of access depending on the age of your children and the amount of time each is allowed to use the Internet. It additionally allows you to block adult content and potentially dangerous search results, and has app monitoring features.

DinnerTime Plus For Scheduled Breaks

Older children may need to access the Internet for several hours a day to comply with homework and assignment requirements. However, if they are permitted to use their online resources without limits, it can mean that your family loses touch and fails to meet for traditional family bonding times such as dinner. DinnerTime Plus enables you to take scheduled breaks for meals, sports, offline study, and sleep. It also enables you to monitor how much time your child is online during permitted hours.

Children are spending more working hours online than ever before, raising the flag for parents who wish to ensure their children stay safe. Online safety involves education and communication between parents and children. Apps that enable parents to monitor, limit, and analyze their children’s online usage can also be of aid.

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