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2021 Complete Video Production Super Bundle: only $34.99

Everybody is being asked to be more creative in their work, finding new ways to get out a message for work or play. With this 11-hour Professional Video and Audio Production Bundle, you’ll learn how to learn how to create, edit, and produce videos and music. Whether it’s training in recording, mixing, processing or live-streaming, you’ll get it here for just $34.99. That’s 98% off the regular price.

The courses include:

° The Complete Video Production Bootcamp. Aspiring filmmakers, YouTubers, bloggers, and business owners alike can find something to love about this in-depth video production course. Video content is fast changing from the future marketing tool to the present, and here you’ll learn how to make professional videos on any budget. From the absolute basics to the advanced shooting and lighting techniques of the pros, you’ll be ready to start making high-quality video content and driving viewers to it in no time. This online video production course will teach you how to make amazing videos, whether you use a smartphone, webcam, DSLR, mirrorless, or professional camera.

° Creating Valuable Video Content That Sells. Podcasts. YouTube videos. Product Tutorials. Online courses. Gone are the days where only internet “influencers” had to create content. Today, we all need to master this all-important skill. In this course, you’ll be joined by two seasoned pros in the world of internet video. The processes, strategic thinking, and tools shared in this course are exactly what you need to create more leads, generate more sales, and experience a revolutionary new connection with an audience who cares more about you and what you do than you can imagine.

° Digital Products Master Class. Have you ever dreamed of starting your own online business? Or perhaps, you have an existing business that you want to convert to an online one – a business that can reach more people worldwide and be an additional stream of passive income? Beyond creating the digital product, this course will teach you how to market it, whether you have an existing audience and brand or are starting from scratch. Everything taught in this course is based on real-world experience, creating and selling digital products to millions of customers worldwide.

° Wedding Videography. Have you ever thought about starting a wedding videography business? Taught by a wedding videographer who knows all the trade tricks, this course will get you started in a lucrative market. Phil went from charging $250 per wedding to over $2500 in less than 12 months! Next, he’ll teach you how to do the same! By the end of the training, you will gain the knowledge and confidence to make wedding videos enough to make a profit.

° Webcam Videography. Do you want to make better webcam videos? If your answer is yes, this is the perfect course for you! The entire course works through improving a webcam video, starting with framing and audio, and moving through to lighting and backgrounds. Learn how to make better webcam videos with proper composition, lighting, audio, and backgrounds. As well as know what simple and inexpensive tools you can use to get a professional-looking video.

° Screenwriting Master Class. You’re here because you want to learn how to write a screenplay. Perhaps you want to be a screenwriter in the film industry, or you have a story idea in your head and want to put it down on paper. Then, this is the right place for you to learn the entire screenwriting process. First, you’ll be introduced to some essential steps of crafting a great screenplay, including coming up with great story ideas, developing your characters, formatting your screenplay using free and professional applications, revising your draft, and steps you can take once you have a polished script.

° YouTube Master Class. YouTube is the perfect place to grow your own brand, drive traffic to your website, and earn money from YouTube ads and your product and service promotions. And this is the perfect course for you to jumpstart your YouTube channel. This master class is a fast and effective course that takes you from zero skills to a complete YouTube channel with high-quality videos, views, and subscribers. By the end of this course, you will have a YouTube channel that you are proud of. You’ll be making high-quality videos that your audience loves. You’ll be getting more and more subscribers to increase your brand strength. And you’ll be making money from your YouTube channel.

° Cinematography Master Class: Start Shooting Better Video Now. You want to get better at shooting videos, right? This online Cinematography Course will teach you how to shoot beautiful videos with any camera. This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of professional cinematography – the art of making motion pictures. This course dives right into shooting better video with 5 tips for better cinematography. First, you’ll learn the basics of cinematography, including choosing the right camera, ISO, frame rate, shutter speed, f-stop/aperture, and lens options.

° Sony Cameras for Beginners. In this Sony Camera course, you will be taught how to properly use your Sony Mirrorless Camera, especially when taking photos and shooting videos. Here, you will learn how to use all the buttons and features of your camera comfortably, how to be confident when taking great photos and understanding basic photography settings, and how to quickly navigate your camera’s menu to change any setting you want. By the end of this course, you should be able to pick up your camera in any situation and use it to take beautiful photos. Photography should be fun for you, and knowing the ins and outs of your camera, will help you become a better photographer and have a great time shooting photos.

° Drones: Learn Aerial Photography & Videography Basics. The secret to filming stunning aerial videography? Drones. Capture dynamic footage formerly only possible via helicopter or plane, and more efficiently and inexpensively than you thought possible. You’ll master the essentials of drone-powered videography–ranging from a drone flying safety measures to footage editing techniques–and will be ready to turn out polished videos guaranteed to impress viewers by the course’s end.

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