Don’t Get Caught in the Dark Without a KeySmart™ Nano Torch XL Compact Pen Light

Power failures. Trying to find your keys in a dark parking lot. Searching around behind a computer for an accessory or power plug. We’ve all been in those situations where a good, bright flashlight would be really helpful. The KeySmart™ Nano Torch XL Compact Pen Light ($32.99) is small enough to go with you everywhere and puts out a bright 120 lumens to shed some light on your subject.

The KeySmart Nano Torch XL Compact Pen Light comes with a sliding barrel head that enables you to adjust the focus from a wide spill to a narrow spotlight. Its ergonomic design is made for one-handed use. The stainless steel pocket clip lets you attach the penlight to your pocket or bag for quick and easy access. The firm power button with a satisfying click makes it easy to activate without accidentally turning it on. It has a 3.28ft impact resistance that protects from minor falls. The LED light carries 120 lumens, producing a better-quality brightness. 

  • Sliding Barrel Head. Adjust the focus from wide spill to narrow spotlight
  • Ergonomic Design. Made for one-hand use
  • Stainless Steel Pocket Clip. Attack to your pocket or bag for easy access
  • Firm Power Button. Activate the pen light without accidentally turning it on
  • 3.28Ft Impact Resistance. Protecs the pen light from minor falls
  • 120 Lumens LED Light. Provides better quality brightness

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Steve Sande
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